Does My canine requirement Flea as well as Tick Prevention?

Alright men … huge statement on our end! We are moving from San Diego to Montana! open spaces, right here we come!

I am thrilled for much more chances for the outside adventures I online for – path running, camping as well as hiking! however with much more outside activities comes … much more ticks. ideally fewer fleas, however no question there will be much more ticks as well as much more mosquitoes.

Since we are relocating, it’s a great time to reevaluate what my canine as well as my feline requirement for security against fleas, ticks as well as heartworm.

It’s never a “one size fits all” situation, as well as I believed this may be a great time to remind you to reevaluate what your pets requirement for security as well as to ask your vet any type of concerns you have.

This publish is sponsored by Ceva animal Health, the maker of Vectra® 3D for Dogs, a monthly, topical flea as well as tick preventive.

Does my canine requirement flea, tick as well as heartworm prevention?

We ought to all think about what our dogs as well as cats requirement for flea as well as tick security as we go with different modifications in life.

Here’s a short video (1 min) we made about why we’re reevaluating what Remy as well as Scout requirement for flea & tick prevention:


Obviously moving to a new region is a huge reason to believe about what type of parasite security your pet may requirement because of different kinds of weather condition as well as what type of “pests” flourish as a result.

For example, heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes. While this is something to be conscious of in many of the United States, it’s far much more typical for dogs to get heartworms in the South vs. the Pacific Northwest. You can view the map of documented situations of heartworm in dogs for the U.S. in 2016 here.

Vectra® 3D is not a heartworm preventive however in addition to protecting dogs from fleas as well as ticks, it likewise protects dogs from mosquitoes before they bite your dog. discover much more about Vectra® 3D here.

Moving, locally

Even if you relocation within your own county, there may be much more fleas in some areas within the exact same region than others. San Diego region in California covers a big area, as well as fleas are much much more of a nuisance in some parts of the region vs. others. So even if you’re not moving extremely far, your animals may end up needing extra protection.

Or, if you relocation from a house with hardwood floors to a house with mainly carpets, sadly there might be a higher possibility for fleas to multiply by laying their eggs in the carpet! Yuck. discovered that the difficult way.

Hardwood floors are the method to go when you have pets, if you ask me!

If you’re having an problem with fleas in your home, one choice for protecting your canine is Vectra® 3D for Dogs. This product kill fleas of all life stages before they bite your dog.

Weather changes, even if you don’t move

When we resided in North Dakota, I generally did not requirement to concern about fleas as well as ticks for my canine Ace. I just never saw them because, well…

Ace in Fargo, N.D.

Then … we had a extremely moderate winter season around 2012 where it was unusually warm for that area without any snow.

Well, that summertime I saw rather a few ticks on my canine (and on me! ahh!) even though our activities did not change. The winter season just hadn’t been as brutal.

Another note on weather, if you relocation from a chillier region to a warmer region you may requirement to think about year-round security for your pets. I know, not fun. discovered that the difficult method too.

Changes in activities

Obviously, if you pick up a new activity with your canine like path running, hiking, hunting or camping, you’re going to likely see a few much more “pests.”

I never saw a tick in San Diego up until I just recently started doing a sport called canicross with my young dog, Remy. This is a running sport where your canine is tethered to you as well as pulls you while running. It’s awesome! It’s the ideal sport for Remy.

However, when we started checking out much more as well as much more tracks with canicross, sure enough, the ticks discovered us! I didn’t even believe there were ticks in San Diego! गलत!

And like I stated earlier, I generally did not requirement to concern about ticks when we resided in North Dakota. Yet, a few ofmy buddies in my own community would discover ticks on their dogs since they did a great deal much more hiking than we did.

It just goes to show that each canine is different depending upon your lifestyle.

If you are searching for a flea as well as tick preventive, Vectra® 3D for Dogs is one choice that is efficient as well as simple to apply. discover much more here.

Travel and/or boarding

If you travel with your dog, you’ll want to make sure he’s secured based on where you’re headed. Heartworm is a much higher danger in the South, Midwest as well as east than it is the Pacific Northwest. Fleas are much much more typical in the South, too. Oh, the joys!

And even if you board your canine or cat, you may requirement to think about flea security just since he’s going to be in a area with a great deal of other dogs around. My pup Remy has come house from the boarding kennel with fleas. Oh, lucky us!

Adding new animals or fostering

If you add a new pet to your family, you’ll requirement to think about what type of security they will need. That goes for temporarily fostering an animal, too. You don’t want your foster canine or feline to transfer fleas to your existing pets.

My foster canine Lana as well as my senior canine Ace, 2015

We foster dogs as well as cats directly from the shelter or “pound” on occasion, as well as I always request that the animal is treated with flea prevention before I pick them up. I just don’t want to offer with the added hassle of fleas. Fostering a canine is sufficient work on its own.

You can purchase Vectra® 3D for Dogs with your veterinarian.

In summary, there is no “one size fits all” plan

Each pet is going to have distinct needs depending upon where you online as well as the activities you do.

Even in the exact same household, one of your dogs may go hunting while the other is a pampered, indoor pup. as well as even then, they may both requirement protection. Heck, fleas can even go into your house on YOU.

The exact same is true for cats. perhaps you have one feline that stays inside your home as well as one that lives in the barn. perhaps they both requirement flea prevention or perhaps not. It just depends!

If you’re not sure about your area or the area you’re headed, it’s finest to talk with a regional vet. people who work at regional animal shelters or canine training or boarding facilities would likewise be quite knowledgeable.

More information on Vectra® 3D for Dogs

As I stated earlier, one choice for topical flea as well as tick prevention is a product called Vectra® 3D for Dogs. This product kills as well as repels fleas, ticks as well as mosquitoes before they bite your dog. It likewise kills as well as repels biting flies as well as mites (excluding Mange Mites).

Benefits of Vectra® 3D for Dogs

Kills fleas as well as ticks beforethey bite the dog
Kills as well as repels mosquitoes before they bite
Can act as a “double defense” against heartworm (carried by mosquitoes)
Prevents all flea stages from developing
Repels biting flies, sand flies as well as mites (excluding Mange Mites)
Easy to apply with its patented application tip
Waterproof as well as quick drying
Protects for 1 month

NOTE: Vectra® 3D is NOT risk-free for cats.

Are you thinking about trying Vectra® 3D for your dog?

Let me understand in the comments!

Here is a video we made with much more information about Vectra 3D:

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